Phpmyadmin mac os x 10.5

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  • Install Apache, PHP, MySQL, and phpMyAdmin on Mac OS X Snow Leopard – Chanh Vuong!
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  • Installing Apache, PHP, and MySQL on Mac OS X.
  • Install Apache, PHP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin on Mac OS X · GitHub.

Thank you so much for this concise and powerful article! It simplifies things for those of us who kinda know what we need to do, but don't remember the commands. I'm officially bookmarking this one! Just what is needed, with no fluff. Hi,great guide. Really don't know what to do.. I checked the hosts file but it seems ok i should be correctly This is a perfect walk-through for someone who just wants to get this stuff working so they can move on with development.

Hi, excellent guide! Thank you very much. Thanks for the tutorial. I found out that you can recently download a snow leopard version of mysql which is probably the same as the leopard version. Hi I have a corrupted installation of apache on snow leopard. Anyone knows how to reinstall? Please help. Dude, you need a donation button. I guess it's better to use the long php tags, but in case you don't it's good to know this little tip.

How to setup phpmyadmin mac

I'm a jackass Great info here.. Very nice - perfect instructions got me set up quickly. Thanks much! Obviously there's something wrong with the Apache setup but I can't figure out where to look. Anyone out there in the same boat?

Enable PHP for Apache

Loved this! Wish I had found it earlier!! Thanks for this tutorial! It worked perfectly for me. I was also having trouble getting phpMyAdmin working.

Setting up PHP, MySQL, and Apache in Mac OSX Leopard

I discovered that you need to update the socket for phpMyAdmin just as you did for php. So edit config. I won't try it because I've got things running and I need to get back to work! Useful info. Beautiful blog design. Good work.

That was so helpful. Thanks for taking the time to publish this. Perfect for those of us just getting started. Thank you for a very clear tutorial. Very well written tutorial, thank you. Well written and simple.

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Got me exactly where i wanted to. Thanks for this very clear and concise tutorial. Thanks : I used just the mysql part of this tutorial, and it worked perfectly! Quick and concise. Thank you. I get error messages in terminal , that error logs cannot be open acces denied.

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And the browsers loads without ever finding a page. Any ideas? Thanks for the reference. I like your blog by the way. Is this your own custom design and program? Great straight-to-the-point installation instructions. Perfect instructions! Many Thanks! You should also add that you will need to change DirectoryIndex to include DirectoryIndex index.

Really really nice tutorial! Very nice and handy, thank you. I'll add a couple of things though: 1 add the mysql bin path to the PATH environment variable: edit or create if it doesn't exist the file. By default the mysql root account comes with no password, so it would be much safer to set one. Easy for anyone with a bit of command-line experience.

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Great tutorial Lots of thanks! Great, straight forward. Elliot I've been looking for that line for ages. The biggest advantage over using the. Very helpful. I had been trying to use entropy and it tryed to download the php files rather than open them. I uninstalled entropy, did this and it worked! It asks for a password and I don't know what it want's… I never specified anything. Just installed as described above. Working great - Props, -Stu P. Where do I find my. I need help. This is excellent! For this great doc. Thanks works like a charm, Apart from that I also wanted to change my Document Root to somewhere on my desktop. No problem, wentback into httpd. Everything works perfectly. Ty for guide. I am new to the mac environment less than 6 months and this was the first time I was trying to host my very simple website on my server. You are a real lifesaver and I cannot thank you enough. The real beauty of this page is in its simplicity. May God bless you with many beautiful babies! Thanks for the guide. I'm having a problem though.