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Joining Images Vertically or Horizontally

Simply use any of the following methods by applying it to iPhotos instead of the Photos app. There are two ways to get rid of duplicate images from the iPhoto app.

Either you use specialized third-party software to automate the process of finding them, or you can take your time and do it all by yourself. If you are confident enough to take the manual route, start off by opening the Photos app and going through the Events in the Library to erase anything that strikes you as being a duplicate.


Compare Photos in iPhoto

Simply right click on the image and select Get info , which will open a window with detailed information. Since you already know that the only difference between the two photos is the way they are named, it makes good sense to delete one of them from your Mac. Then there are occasions that the pictures are visually the same, but the image sizes differ, meaning one of the photos is of higher resolution and quality. Checking every photo individually is somewhat troublesome and time-consuming because you will need to follow this process for each image.

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For this reason, we would recommend that you check out our alternative method below to delete duplicate photos in iPhoto. This will require using a special duplicate photo finder app, which will do the task in an easier, faster and more reliable way than doing it by yourself.

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The most straightforward, non-hassle way to delete duplicate pictures would be to use third-party software, such as the Duplicate File Finder for Mac. Follow our instructions below to see how you can utilize this duplicate file remover and get rid of unwanted files once and for all.

There's just something special about having a physical print of a photograph. Photo paper is expensive, however, so it's important to conserve as much of it as possible when printing from the Photos app.

Selecting multiple photos in iPhoto

Luckily, Photos makes it easy to print multiple photographs to one page. This feature is built into the Photos Mac app and requires no extra extensions—it's just hidden within the print menu.

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We'll show you how to find and use the feature in this article. Look through your photo library and select the photos you'd like to print. You can select multiple photos by clicking and dragging over them or by holding the Command key and clicking on the photos you'd like to print. Look at the upper left-hand corner of your Mac's screen and click File.

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Then, click Print from the drop-down menu. Look towards the right-hand side of the Print window.

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There you will see a list of different ways to size your images on the page. Select 5x7, 4x6, Custom, or Contact Sheet to print multiple photos on a piece of standard paper.

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  • Adjust lighting and exposure to recover detail.

If you select Custom , you can configure your photos to print at any size and aspect ratio you'd like.