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I don't need no magic potion, I don't need no magic leaf. Stop, don't move a muscle, I've still got my magic wand, I'm going to freeze this moment Before it's gone. Why does this feel so dangerous? Shouldn't we be feeling free? Trusting, strong and loyal, Like your sheepdog at our feet. This scar upon your ankle Did they chase you from your home? And you were a child so gentle Cast out alone. And you were chased by another Is this the face he struck? And the paintings by these fingers Thrown from a moving truck.

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In this light beside your pillow I will wave my magic wand. Then we'll lie forever 'neath your window And wait for the dawn.

Mari Mac (progression) Chords - Great Big Sea - Cowboy Lyrics

Invisible River I watch you paddle this invisible river's run, It's Sunday morning, you are my seven year son, I want to tell you just where I've come from, These words will find you if some day I cannot come. One more life for Mario, A trusty bike in space, Touchdown pass, karate chops, second grade girls to chase, Three point shots, fear of the dark, safe at second base, New wheels on your roller blades, would you like to race? I was a little boy on heartache summit drive, I sat alone on the curb away from the giant inside, I killed ants with tar tomahawks, like me they could not hide, Too scared to go back in and tell her "Pick on someone your own size.

They sent us home from school on a bright November day, I rode to the station with my mother to meet my father's train, We sat in a Chinese restaurant wondering who was to blame, His fantasy died before my eyes when they shot JFK. My sister and I one summer heard a different tongue, Voices that dissented in a camp Unitarian, Bob Dylan's voice cried out to me "You're old enough to run.

Did the family die the day of the divorce, Or was it dead already from all the dyin's that went before? A file cabinet from my Dad replaced the room I had no more, A bible from my sister as we stumbled out the door. Then a boarding school with two things I'd requested, Football and girls, plus some sadists I detested, Mike and Bob. Dolly, Peter and John were the home I'd never had, I knew she really loved me; why did that make me so sad?

There were some teachers there who challenged me to learn, But I found other classrooms with grades easier to earn, Dylan cried over and over, "How does it feel? Chameleon college freshman, I climbed on every rock, Telescopes, dissections-just whatever they had in stock, From wandering privileged orphans, little green leaves that talk.

I marched against the war but my own war couldn't stop. I found a girl whose misery reminded me of me, I held her with my right hand with my left I set her free, Board chairmen raised police salaries to put my friends in jail For selling their drug of choice, while they bought theirs on sale. My loneliness exploded, I dropped my stick and left the game, Never even imagining that the past was to blame. I cancelled my audition with the professor of power and fame, I got a passport with extra pages and got on a plane.

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After many a millennia, I really can't tell you much, The sky doesn't end, but the ends don't seem to touch, A box of names and photographs is all I've got to pass, Of a million generations before us in the grass. Don't fight the contradictions you can fit in all your stuff, Your heart needs sadness and will find it in love, Do not try to fight this, don't take it all too rough, Forgive her a thousand times if a hundred's not enough. That's all I'll tell you now, the rest you'll learn someday. I'll teach you about zodaical dust, your soul, and the milky way.

I've become a man, and my curbside dream came true. I had a happy childhood, the one I've had with you. Last night you told me no one can answer this: Who came before God, but you know why we exist: God got tired, and gave Adam and Eve a turn, But who can answer this: Will Eve ever return? Someday you'll think of me when I'm out of reach, You'll see this blue canoe that you're steering to the beach, You'll know I'm watchin' you, you can always talk to me, And when you have your little boy, this river you will see.

Is this a Japanese Painting? Is this a Japanese painting: You, me and the sky? I can't make God keep waiting but I'll try. Chained down on this schooner, pushed by a hostile wind, Toward the civil war prison. We didn't win. Do you think they have a piano? I've got to write you a song. Should I ask for pen and paper? It won't take long. Can you come up with one last poem: Something I can use To help me in the morning if I wake up without you?

Name the one who betrayed me: Anger lost in a lie: Who didn't have to hate me but who tried. These soldiers all around us: Just children still at play. Do they see this last goodbye here? Your last day? And you take this Japanese painting: You, me and the sea, So you'll have something in the morning without me. Look who died in the night. One more blanket for the boys.

Now move that weeping prisoner; he's making too much noise. We didn't Abm win. Do you Am think they have a Dm piano? I've Am got to write you a Dm song. Should I A mask for pen and Dm paper? It won't take G long. They're pickin' up pieces around here today I've heard that's what survivors do. You were miles away, you said.

But she looked a lot like you. They're pickin' up pieces around here today. I've heard that's what survivors will do. Some are cryin', some just look away. Maybe they're cryin' for you. You never touched the cash. No-one saw you touch.

50. ‘Bonkers’ – Dizzee Rascal

You never saw the crash. It was pretty rough. I'd heard that's what survivors will do. Maybe they're lookin' for you. F They're pickin' up G pieces Em around here Am today.

Power Chords (Volume 1)

F I've heard that's what G survivors will Am do. F Some are G cryin', Em some just look Am away. F Maybe they're Em cryin' for Am you. I was looking for treasure just as fast as I could drive. I took the Beltway exit and saw something to my right. It was a man in a long blue coat flagging down a ride. I pulled up and said "Howdy where are you going to?

Every other sentence Ed took back what he'd just said. So we turned up the dial, got some rock and roll. I shifted down the Town Car as we hit the county line. Stop on the bridge. I said, "You know Mac, I think we're gonna like this place. C I took the Beltway exit and saw something to my right. It was a G man in a long blue coat flagging down a ride. D I pulled up and said "Howdy where are you going C to? The mountain wears a veil for the sky. Did you say you'd marry me today? Do you know a thousand reasons why? Do you feel the angels drawing near? Do you feel the aching of my heart? The eyes of children in the dark. When you hear my singing in the air Do you hear a blessing from the ground?

When you hear my singing in the air, From this aisle you're walking down. Can you see the future from this place? Does it look something like your dream? Can you see the future in my face? Can you see what's never been seen? The F mountain wears a C veil for the G sky. C Did you say you'd G marry me Am today?