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The Best Fonts to Use on Your Resume

I am in the same situation. I have a friend who needs this font for an old kids game. Would it be possible to send that New York Times 18 to me as well. It would be very much appreciated. Don Archibald Don Archibald.

None such; there's two different fonts, New York and Times. You can get New York here - http: These forums are set up for user-to-user problem solving. As such, there are next to no Apple employees who come here and post there are a few, but they rarely post in these older product areas of Discussions.

Change the default font in Word for Mac

Unless someone who has a great familiarity with that particular store comes along and is able to answer your questions, you probably will not get detailed responses, particularly with regard to what is available in that particular store aqt the present time. You would do far better to call the store directly, and ask them. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: Hardware Overview: Machine Name: PowerPC G5 1. Tuttle Tuttle.

What Font Should I Use?

FrontRow Speciality level out of ten: EG87 EG I really need it and the same exact thing happened to me It will not work because I don't have New York 18 font. Do you have experience with others with this problem, and do you know how I can find and install the font? Thanks for your help.

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Carla Bernier. Did you try downloading the New York font from the link I posted above? New York 18 is included in the TrueType suitcase. Any suggestions on obtaining the file? Thank you. I have a Mac Tiger I had the New York Font and was very happy to have it. But my technician decided it was too old and wiped it, without asking me, when he was overhauling my computer!

Fonts on Macintosh - Wikipedia

Select Font, and then choose the Font tab in the box. When you have the Font box open, use the menus within to choose the font and type size you want to use for the future files you create. When you are set, click the Default button in the lower left corner of the box.

How to download and install fonts in Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac.

A box appears asking if you want to change the default font and warns that the change affects all documents based on the Normal template. Click Yes to make the change. Microsoft Word stores all of its default styles for font, line spacing, margins and other aspects of a newly created document in a template file called the Normal.

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You can make multiple changes to your default document settings by opening the Normal. For those wishing to change the default font in the Windows version of Word , click the Home tab in the toolbar and go to the Font section of the ribbon.