Lol installer not working mac

Mount the disk image and run the installer. I believe this installs the Pando Media Booster required to play the game? Run the file you just installed. This will install the actual client and Adobe Air also required to play? Next step is the hardest part of the installation. You need to download and unzip this file. You then need to take the 3 items in the unzipped folder and copy them.

League of Legends on Mac!

Delete it, and paste the 3 files you copied earlier. Launch the client , and then it will install the latest patches. It usually gets stuck near the end and you have to force quit it and then launch again. I hope you enjoy the game on Mac as much as I do Some other things that will help you enjoy the Mac client to the fullest extent: To fix this you need to either log out and log back in, or restart the computer.

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The game will be back to normal as soon as you do this, so you can go back to having fun. Hope I was able to help. If you need any extra assistance, post here or PM me.

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Last edited: Apr 6, Also took me about 2 weeks before I found the right way to install LOL. Here are som tips and tricks on how to make it run more smooth on mac. KanjiKado Registered Sep 12, Recently, Riot games has closed service to the Mac client. It's no longer possible to log in from a Mac, but a way to fix this has been found. You need to download this file. Then right click on League of Legends and select "show package contents".

Navigate to: Now league will run just fine I'll edit this into the original post once I can figure out how to edit posts again. I just got my first mac today. I had someone have that error before and I solved it by uploading my installed version of the client and having him download it and run it straight off. It would take pretty much all day for me to upload it again lost the link. Aside from that, I'm honestly not sure. I haven't tried to install it anywhere else in a few months and I'm a bit sketchy remembering how the installer actually works.

I am still having issues. I cant even install it, this message pops up.


Screen shot at 1. KanjiKado Registered Sep 21, Again, I'm not an expert, but my guess as how to fix this would be to manually install adobe air. It also seems to not work on It wont run on a powerpc either.

If you computer meets those specifications, I'd try installing it under a different location. If you're still unable to solve it, though, I'll upload the patched version of the client for you and vinyasa to use. NotifyAddrChange Handle 0x33ecc4, overlapped 0x1ca9f4: GetCurrentPackageId 0x2e1ea08 nil: EnumDisplayDevicesW null ,0,0x33e5f4,0x , stub!

GetCurrentPackageId 0xe nil: EnumDisplayDevicesW null ,0,0x33bdfe8,0x , stub! GdiInitializeLanguagePack stub fixme: GetCurrentPackageId 0xea08 nil: CoInitializeEx Attempt to change threading model of this apartment from multi-threaded to apartment threaded fixme: FlashWindowEx 0x33e56c - semi-stub fixme: There is nothing installed to run. Failed to create assembly: Please ensure the package phase is run before the assembly is generated.

I tryed to istall this program but I cant. This is the error that dont let me istall league of legends.

Richiesta HTTP inviata, in attesa di risposta The following is a guide to upgrade the League of Legends client to the Beta Client. Similar to Cattiman, I only wish to spread the word in order to help others struggling to update the client, and hold no claim to this amazing discovery. I would like to thank EUW player Toyeturtle for his incredible research, and Cattiman, for creating another thread for the Beta Client download. Finally, I would thank the PlayOnLinux team, who have provided us a chance to play many of the amazing games that lack a linux download.

League of Legends free download for Mac | MacUpdate

A successful League of Legends Beta Client upgrade guide has finally come out! Although it does not provide you with a direct download, it provides clear instructions with pictures to guide you. This guide works as of Wednesday, February 22, patch 7. This guide is located on the following thread on the PlayOnLinux website, and I hold no claims of finding this solution.

All credit goes to Cattiman who also provides an additional source at the bottom of his guide. Thank you for hearing me out. I have tried to get the open beta client to work for some time now through basic methods, not through code , so I am well aware of many of the problems that may arise. Feel free to ask any questions, and I will do my best to answer them. LoadLibraryShim error reading registry key for installroot err: LoadLibraryShim error reading registry key for installroot fixme: No such file or directory pkit: No such file or directory err: CancelMibChangeNotify2 handle nil: However, I have one problem, while playing the game, every 2 minutes or so my frame rate drops to FPS for about seconds.

Does anyone have any idea how to diagnose or fix this? I have an Alienware computer, with an Nvidia Geforce M graphics card. I have Nvidia drivers, but the mesa-libgl OpenGL library. After the last patch it either shows bugsplat non-stop or "LoLPatcher. Well Lol was working on the last version, but with low fps Im using Wine 2.

Patch 7. The client launcher bugsplats immediately, can't make it to the splash screen. On Wine After it installed I used winetricks to install vcrun, vcrun, vcrun, vcrun, corefonts and enabled sandbox.

Copied from my windows installation the whole game with the latest updates. Before the latest update I had no problem with thise steps and the new launcher getting arrond 60 to 80 fps. Now, after the latest league update it's just nplayable. Any ideas? Register dump: Wine build: Then, open playonlinux, click on League of Legends, then configure, then make new shortcut from this virtual drive, then scroll down, click "Play League of Legends.

Im not sure that this matters, but in case turn off Peer to Peer download, you can do this in launcher options right upper corner. Since 2 month I have a bug: When I try to play Leagues of Legends a window "bugsplat" appears Can you explain me? After a fresh installation of a linux distribution, its impossible to install League but adding i architecture im sure i can do it. Is it mandatory? Is there any workaround that avoids this? After starting the client, i had to change the wine to "1.

I tried to let it run for a couple of hours but still I am using a Chromebook pixel and Unity I am using wine 1. I have managed to get the client working, I can select games and enter them, but as soon as the loading screen appears, my screen zooms in as if the resolution has been changed to the lowest possible. Then I can hear noises from in the game but extremely choppy, as if 1 second of audio takes 30 seconds to complete.

I have previously in a patch managed to enter a game but the FPS must have been less than 1 as I had this audio issue as well as being unable to move because of how laggy it was. In this most recent update I tried to play again and I am not even getting into game, and am still having this audio issue. Can anyone shed some light on what I can to do get this working? I've been trying for ages now: You're good to go!